Ciao! I'm Francesca

live in Italy, in a little town near Milan, where the country with its beautiful wildflowers and wildlife still resists.  

I love drawing. It makes me happy and I hope to make people happy too. I also wish to inspire them, in a playful way, to feel more connected with nature, because we are part of her.

 I have a degree in languages and mass communication and I've worked both as a teacher in public schools and as an editorial translator. I've always felt the urgency to express myself, so I took some international art courses, such as SVS Learn and MATS for illustration, and Make it in Design for surface pattern design. 

I'm following my beloved artistic path and I'm happy:)

My favorite places are botanical gardens and bookshops. 

When I'm not drawing, I like gardening in my community garden, doing yoga, volunteering for climate and social justice, reading adventure books and poetry, playing board games, and listening to music.

I'm planning to move to the mountains with my husband and my two funny cats to live closer to nature!


This is me!

And this is my Team

Brughy aka Brunilde

Sleep Manager

Strufola aka Terremoto (Earthquake)

Outdoor Activity Manager

Thanks for stopping by!