My name’s Francesca Calvi, I’m an Italian Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator. I've been a teacher and an editorial translator. After translating other people's voices, I decided to trust mine and express myself pursuing a passion for drawing that I cherish since I was a child.
I feel at home wherever I’m sorrounded by plants and flowers. Through my work, I’d like to inspire you to live each day with a sense of wonder and connection with the natural world we all belong to, and possibly to make you smile. I enjoy creating digitally and experimenting with brushes and colours in a playful and unexpected way. Most of my works have a fun, narrative quality featuring animals, plants, and little characters. When I’m not drawing, I like gardening, doing yoga, volunteering for climate and social justice, reading... and of course, playing with my ‘team’!


This is me!

My Team

Brughy aka Brunilde

Sleep Manager

Strufola aka Terremoto (Earthquake)

Outdoor Activity Manager