Ciao! I'm Francesca

live in Italy, in a village near Milan, where the country with its beautiful wildflowers and wildlife still resists. After getting a degree in Languages and mass communication and working a few years as a teacher and editorial translator, I found my true passion in expressing myself as a Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator.  

I love drawing, I hope to make children and grown-ups smile, and perhaps inspire them to always be curious and feel connected with nature. We often forget that we are part of nature, and when we love and respect her, we love and respect ourselves.  

When I'm not drawing, I spend my time in my garden, growing vegetables among flowers, bees, dragonflies, and wild rabbits. I also love to get lost in botanical gardens and bookshops. 

I'm constantly educating myself on climate change and social justice issues. In order to do my part I've joined my local climate movement. Everyday I choose carefully how to live and use my power in a fair and eco-friendly way, especially how to work, eat, travel, buy and vote. 

Yoga, gardening, travelling, and reading recharge my energy and fuel my imagination!

Thanks for stopping by!

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